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Custom Pools, Greenville, SC

Custom pools are the best way to best utilize the space you have, fit your vision for fun memories, and increase the value of your home. Here at Greenville Pools, we take the time to learn about your hopes, dreams, needs, and passions, so we can design and build the outdoor oasis that suits you and your family perfectly.          

Custom Pools in Greenville, South Carolina             Custom Pools in Greenville, South Carolina

While there are several pool builders in the Greenville, South Carolina area, we are the only ones to deliver custom pools with everything done in-house from start to finish. Other builders need to farm out certain tasks to subcontractors, thereby reducing the chance of the perfection that you and your family deserve. By doing things in-house, we not only control the quality and create a worry-free experience, but we also are able to control costs, so you enjoy a more affordable improvement to your home.

We also go a step farther to make certain you enjoy the entire experience – you’ll have a dedicated and reliable project manager who is responsive and easy to contact should you have any questions or concerns as your dream pool is being installed. We provide you with informative information regarding future repairs and maintenance of your new pool, so you can enjoy a lifetime of happy memories.

We are dealers for three pool manufacturers, so we have many ways to create custom pools for our customers. From different shapes, such as octagon, round, and full-length lounger models, to pools with a spill-over spa, we are confident we can create the ideal swimming pool for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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