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When it comes to selecting the type of pool you want, there are many factors that may alter your decision. There are many pros and cons to choosing both a chlorine and a salt water pool. However, there are many great benefits and reasons why many homeowners choose a salt water pool.

3 Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Here are some of the benefits of salt water pools:

  1. They Are Less Harsh – If you’ve ever gone swimming in a chlorine pool, then you know how, over time, it can irritate your skin and eyes. Salt water pools are far less harsh, and in most cases, do not irritate the skin or eyes, making the swimming experience more pleasant. Chlorine can also be harsh on clothing and swimsuits, whereas salt water is gentler and will not bleach or fade clothing.
  2. The Water is Softer – Salt is commonly used to help soften the water in people’s homes. By comparison to a traditional chlorine pool, salt water is far softer and can actually help to moisturize and exfoliate your skin naturally, so your skin won’t feel dried out after swimming.
  3. More Affordable to Maintain – Salt water pools require less chemicals than a traditional chlorine pool, so you will no longer need to rely so much on chlorine and other chemicals to maintain the pool. Salt is also much cheaper to buy than chlorine, which, depending on the size of your pool, can save you lots of money over the years.

3 Benefits of Salt Water Pools

If you have questions about salt water pools or would like to know more about the benefits and maintenance routines, give us a call.