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When you have decided to install a pool in your backyard, there are lots of things that you will now need to decide. Features like the design of your pool, the shape and depth, the exterior elements that will surround the pool, and who you will have as your pool contractor are all important decisions. For most of us, however, the biggest factor in what the type, shape and design of your pool will be is your budget. Pool installation costs can vary wildly, even from one contractor to another when getting a bid for the same design and materials. While there are lots of factors that will affect your pool installation costs, here the top four:

Pool installation costs can vary wildly
  1. Type of Pool– Choosing an inground pool will cost you anywhere from twice to three times as much as an above-ground pool. However, most homeowners agree that an inground pool is worth the extra cost for the benefits and longevity you can get from an inground pool.
  2. Location- Location is a huge factor in pool installation cost, and not just the location of the pool in your yard either, but the location of your actual property. Where your property is located will determine the type of equipment and the ease of access to the yard, all of which can vary the cost.
  3. Depth– Deeper pools will require more time, effort and machinery, which will end up translating into steeper costs.
  4. Size- Larger pools will cost more for the same reasons as a deeper pool.

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