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If you are considering putting in a pool, there are a number of important decisions to make. One of the biggest of these decisions is whether you want an above ground or inground pool. Here at Greenville Pools, we offer both types, and we are familiar with the pros and cons of each. To help you figure out what kind of pool is right for you, in this article, our team will be going over the advantages and disadvantages of both above ground and inground pools.

Inground pools by nature require making significant changes to your yard
  • Above Ground- Above ground pools can be installed in a relatively short time, usually just a few days from start to finish. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to inground pools, costing anywhere from just $1000 for a DIY kit to $8000 for professional installation. However, this lower cost also comes with drawbacks, as above ground pools are generally less durable, and may only last for a couple of seasons.
  • Inground- Inground pools by nature require making significant changes to your yard, and the building process usually takes 6-8 weeks. While you can find DIY kits for around $8000, for professional quality results you’ll want to go with expert pool builders. Having experienced craftsmen work on your pool is well worth the cost. Our team at Greenville Pools will ensure that you get top-notch results and a pool that will give you easy relaxation and fun for the next 50 years or more.

If you still aren’t sure whether to go with an above ground or inground pool, you can call our team at Greenville Pools to discuss your specific situation and find out more about your options. You can count on us to give you the ideal pool for you and your family.