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If you have ever had the opportunity of looking at options for your own pool, you will have noticed that there are all sorts of options you can choose to customize your pool. With everything negotiable from the depth of your pool to the shape, the size, special features and the materials, many potential pool buyers don’t realize they are also able to customize what type of water they are able to get in a pool: chlorinated water or salt water. There are a few different questions to ask yourself before determining if salt water pools are the right choice for you, including:

advantages of salt water pools that pool owners enjoy
  • Will a busy lifestyle prevent me from caring for chlorinated water? One of the largest advantages of salt water pools that pool owners enjoy is that they can be much easier to balance and maintain. Salt water pools do produce chlorine using electrolysis, but it is as-needed and usually in smaller quantities. If you know your lifestyle will prevent you from giving your pool the proper cleaning it requires for safe swimming, salt water pools might be a better choice for you.
  • Am I willing to provide the upfront cost for a salt water pool? Salt water pools require some specialized equipment and are generally more expensive to install. Many people choose salt water pools because the time saved is worth the cost of the initial investment.
  • Can I find someone in my area with the experience to service and maintain salt water pools? You’ll need to find a trained technician in handling your salt water pools when they need servicing, which may be difficult depending on your area.