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Our team at Greenville Pools has extensive experience in pool design, and we want to help you create the perfect pool for your home. We carefully study the art of pool design, and we have noticed a few mistakes that seem to occur again and again. In this article, we’ll go over a few examples of pool design mistakes to avoid, helping you make your design the best it can be.

Common Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

  • Focusing Exclusively on the Pool – One common mistake we see when it comes to pool design is focusing all the attention on the pool itself. While the swimming pool is obviously an important part of the design, you also need to think about the pool deck and the surrounding area, including the landscaping. Fortunately, our designers are here to help you consider the big picture, and we’ll make sure every part of your pool design is both practical and beautiful.
  • Choosing Generic Options Rather than Customizing – In our experience, many people who choose generic, prefabricated pool options come to regret it later. While these measures can keep costs down, they do result in less creative pools. If you want to make your new pool suit your specific tastes and personality, we encourage you to go custom instead.
  • Making Unwise Landscaping Choices – Lastly, many people make mistakes when it comes to landscaping around their new pools. Landscaping is an important consideration in pool design, as adding plants and greenery will greatly enhance the overall atmosphere, but choosing the wrong plants can negatively impact your experience. For example, we advise against using plants known to attract bees or other stinging insects around your pool, and we recommend against anything thorny as well.

Pool design is an involved and often complex process, but with the right design team at your side, you can create a beautiful pool that meets all your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you design the pool of your dreams.