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Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pools

Although chlorine pools are the most popular variety of swimming pools, they are not the only option, and they are not the right choice for everyone. Some people have bad skin reactions in response to chlorine, and others prefer not to have to constantly check and re-balance the chlorine levels in the water. If you dislike the idea of a chlorine pool, we at Greenville Pools encourage you to consider getting a salt water pool instead. In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of salt water pools to help you decide if they are right for you.


  • Gentler on Skin – Compared to chlorinated water, salt water is much gentler on the skin. If you or anyone else in your household has sensitive skin, a salt water pool is probably the best option for you, as it will not cause harsh reactions. However, salt water can still be painful on cuts and scrapes, so check for such wounds before you swim.
  • Less Maintenance – Salt water pools also require less maintenance than chlorine pools. Because the pool primarily uses salt to kill germs and other organisms, it requires only minimal chlorine, and you won’t need to balance the water as often. In addition, salt water pools generally only need to be deep cleaned once a year.


  • More Complicated Troubleshooting – One potential drawback of salt water pools is the greater complexity of their systems. If you run into problems with the water balance in your salt water pool, you can’t simply dump in more chlorine, but will instead need to call a technician for help.
  • Higher Initial Cost – Due to the increased complexity we mentioned above, salt water pools also cost more to install. If you don’t want to pay relatively high upfront costs, this option may not be right for you.