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If you’re concerned about too much chlorine for your eyes, skin, and hair but still want the convenience of a backyard swimming pool, salt water pools could be the answer. At Greenville Pools, we offer a selection of salt water pools. But before you dive into your new pool, we want you to know the pros and cons of salt water pools.

The Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pools

The Advantages of Salt Water Pools

  • No burning eyes or dry skin: These types of pools still have chlorine, but they don’t have what’s called chloramines that you would find in a traditional pool. The salinity of salt water pools is so mild that you can even open your eyes underwater.
  • Gentle on vinyl liners: Fewer chemicals in your pool water means your vinyl pool liner is not being bombarded with harsh substances. A longer-lasting pool liner cuts overall pool maintenance costs.
  • No chlorine smell: One of the consequences of swimming in a chlorinated pool is smelling like chlorine. Because the main component of your pool filtration system is salt, you won’t have to smell like chlorine when you come out of the pool.
  • No chemical storage or handling: Pool chemicals, although great for sanitizing water, are still chemicals that need proper storage and safe handling. You won’t have to worry about these chemicals with a salt water pool.

Disadvantages of Salt Water Pools

  • Upkeep is cheap, but the startup will cost you: The chlorine generator can cost more upfront, and the salt cells need regular replacing every few years. You’ll also need a good amount of salt at first, hundreds of pounds, to get the water to the correct levels to create chlorine.
  • Storing salt takes up space: Bags of pool salt are inexpensive, but they are bulky. If your space is cramped, you may want to consider other options.
  • Repairs require a trained technician: When things go awry, a chlorine pool is easier to troubleshoot than one with an electrolytic chlorine generator.

Despite the disadvantages, salt water pools are a great option for swimmers who have skin sensitivities or don’t want to handle caustic chemicals. If you want to know about salt water pools in the Greenville, South Carolina area, we’re here to answer any questions you have.