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Our team here at Greenville Pools has the right experience to construct and maintain all kinds of pools, including both in- and above ground varieties, and both traditional chlorine and salt water options. Although many people have heard of salt water pools, we find that fewer people know the specifics about what they are or how they work. In this article, we’ll be going over these basics so that you can decide if salt water pools are the right choice for you.

salt water pools are gentler on the eyes

When they first hear the term, many people assume that the water in salt water pools is just like that in the ocean, except with no fish. Many people are put off by this idea, as while some people enjoy swimming in the ocean, the salty taste and sting in the eyes is probably not what makes it enjoyable. Rest assured, this is not how salt water pools actually work. The name comes from the fact that these pools use salt chlorine generators. Simply put, instead of adding liquid chlorine to the water, you add salt, which is then converted into chlorine by the generator. The salt levels range at only 4-5 thousand parts per million, far below the 35,000 ppm of the ocean, and the salt makes the water feel silkier than traditional pool water.

Popular reasons to choose salt water pools include simpler (and more affordable) upkeep, as well as the clear, silky water the salt to chlorine process creates. In addition, salt water pools are gentler on the eyes and skin. If you are interested in installing a salt water pool in your yard, or converting your existing pool, just give our team at Greenville Pools a call.