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We want to make sure that you will delight in your new custom swimming pool from Greenville Pools. We are your all-in-one custom swimming pool builder. We have been in the swimming pool industry for over 30 years and resided in the area for almost 20 years here in Greenville County. We have extensive experience in every aspect of pool building so that we are your one-stop-shop for installing custom swimming pools from Imperial Pools, Spillway Spas, and Oasis Pool Products.

 the process of custom swimming pool design and installation

We streamline the process of custom swimming pool design and installation by doing pavers around all our pools and any style of aluminum fencing you would like to have. We use gas furnaces and heat pumps if you want a heated pool. We like to focus on energy efficient products, such as variable speed pumps. You can also install LED lighting in your custom swimming pool.

If you want a custom swimming pool but want to keep the costs down by working with only one contractor, we are your professionals. We emphasize the building of practical, but elegant, spaces for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to consider features such as tanning ledges and benches and stylized steps for entering your pool. We don’t add features to pools later, but we would be happy to add exquisite features, such as a spill-over spa, when we are building your custom swimming pool. We want to enhance your world at a reasonable price. That’s why we provide what we do the way we do – because we value what’s important to you!