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Inground liner pools are a very popular choice when it comes to pool installation. Not only are inground liner pools one of the most cost-effective ways to have a pool installed, but you can also have control over a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs for your liner, and liner thicknesses. Here at Greenville Pools, we have been working with inground liner pools and other types of pools for more than thirty years, and we have a few tips on getting your inground liner pool to last.

Inground liner pools are a very popular choice when it comes to pool installation

One of the most important things you can do for your inground liner pool is to keep it properly maintained. These pools are great when it comes to cleaning due to their slick surface. While small microbes like algae can start to accumulate on the surface, they are also easily and quickly cleaned off with minimal effort with the right vinyl-liner approved cleaners.

Another thing to remember about inground liner pools is to avoid anything that will scratch your pool liner. This means only using soft pool toys (no trucks, action figures or skateboards!) in your pool. You’ll also want to be mindful of the pool skimmers and poles that you use and make sure they’re cushioned as well.

Finally, take care of the water in your inground liner pool. The water affects your pool more than anything, so keep it properly balanced, clean the waterline often to avoid staining, and most importantly, never fully drain your pool.