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So, you have decided to get a pool for your yard! Congratulations! There’s no better way to chill on those long, hot and humid days of summer than in a relaxing and comfortable pool. However, when it comes to putting a pool in your own yard, you’ll want to think long and hard about your pool design. Pool design is affected by a wide variety of different variables. Things like size and shape are big features of your pool design, but you’ll also want to take your lifestyle into account when considering pool design.

Pool design is affected by a wide variety of different variables

When you are thinking about pool design, many people forget to include lifestyle factors that will make a difference in their pool enjoyment. For example, if you are getting a pool to use because you love to swim for exercise and don’t want to worry about going to the gym, then a smaller pool in an odd shape will make swimming laps difficult. You’ll want to design a longer pool that will enable long lap swims. If you have small children, then a pool with safety features, a large shallow end, and a shape that is compatible for your yard will be a good design to grow with your family.

The finishing touches on your pool design will be the features that will send your pool from basic to beautiful! Things like the landscaping surrounding your pool, the color and patterns of the tile or vinyl liners, and the patio will be important to your pool design fitting into your yard.

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