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We offer an all-in-one approach to the pool installation process. But we want to make the pool of your dreams a reality through providing all of the services to you ourselves. For pool installation, there are several stages involved in the process. We start by digging the hole for the pool, plumbing, framing up the custom design and shape, pouring surrounding concrete, installing the inground liner, placing pavers, adding features such as a spill-over spa, and finally installing aluminum fencing.

process of pool installation

Any other pool builder tends to act like a general contractor in this diverse, multi-stage process – working with nearly a dozen subcontractors to get each stage of the process of pool installation accomplished. Here at Greenville Pools, one of our main strengths (along with 30 years in the industry) is that we do all of this work “in house.” We have designed our business model to prioritize streamlining this process of pool installation for you, our customer, which also leads to lower costs and better communication during the installation of your very own custom swimming pool.

We offer quality pool options from Imperial Pools, Spillway Spas, and Oasis Pool Products. Though we don’t do cement (gunnite) pools, our focus on liner type pools with metal walls extends to any shape and size you can imagine! We can even turn your pool installation project into something nearly equivalent to a work of art by adding a spa, LED lighting, energy-efficient pumps, and heating elements. Save the hassle and a bit of your budget and choose Greenville Pools for your upcoming pool installation!