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Inground liner pools (vinyl) are one of the least expensive and most quickly installed types of pools. If you want your pool up and running this season, this is a great selection for both your timeline and your wallet. Here at Greenville Pools, we specialize in inground liner pools. We know that customization is increasingly important in this day and age and that you want to have an affordable option that still allows you to put a little bit of yourself into this new addition to your property. This is the option for you!

We Specialize in Inground Liner Pools from Reliable Brands

Another reason or two that you may like an inground liner pool is that you aren’t going to stub your toe on concrete. Even more importantly, perhaps, is you won’t have to worry about the inevitable cracking of concrete from expansion and contraction due to weather rendering your pool unusable either. This type of pool has a reputation for being low maintenance for pool owners like yourself. Again, inground liner pools are durable, customizable, the latest in pool technology, great-looking, and feel good on your feet, too.


We’ll give you an honest and dependable service experience if you want to install an inground liner pool from us here at Greenville Pools. Not only that, we’ll make sure you know everything you need for any future care and repairs that may pop up. We want to make sure you are well informed throughout the building process and onto being the proud owner of your inground liner pool, so we emphasize good communication from the start. One way we do this is by skipping the extra contractors – we do all of the pool installation work ourselves. Not only does working with one project manager help with good communication – we intend it to save you a few dollars on top of everything!