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Taking on a major home improvement project can be intimidating, as there are many decisions to make, many steps to complete, and many opportunities for things to go wrong. Even when making changes that you are excited about, such as adding a pool, it can be difficult to combat the anxieties that often go along with big changes. We at Greenville Pools want to help make your pool installation process as smooth and worry-free as possible, so in this guide we’ll go over the main steps ahead of time so that you can know what to expect.

make your pool installation process as smooth and worry-free as possible
  • Excavation- Once you have approved your final pool design, the first real step in pool installation is to remove all the dirt from the designated area. The excess soil will be graded into the rest of your yard or hauled away if that’s not possible.
  • Assembly- Once the pool has reached the appropriate depth, our team will assemble the walls. At this point, we will also install all the necessary plumbing and pump mechanisms to fill your pool and keep it clean. After the walls and plumbing are in place, we’ll pour concrete to form the floor and pool deck.
  • Liner- After the main structure is built, the next step in our pool installation process is to put in the liner. The liner protects the underlying structure from wear and tear and will help your pool stay in the best possible shape.
  • Fill- The final part of our pool installation process is to fill the pool with water and get it ready for swimming. If you have further questions about pool installation, you can call our team at Greenville Pools to consult with one of our experts.