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As a swimming pool contractor of many pool types, including salt water pools, we work to understand your hopes, dreams, and priorities for your new swimming pool project. We have all the expertise you need for every element of building your salt water pool right here in our own company. If you are missing the ocean this summer and you finally have enough saved to bring a little bit of that salty spray to your own backyard, don’t wait until next season to delve into it! Call us up at Greenville Pools to get an idea of how quickly we can install a salt water pool for you.

Why Make Your Custom Swimming Pool a Salt Water Pool?

Chlorinated pools can be a hassle to maintain. Chlorine is not only a hazardous chemical but can create discomfort for the skin and eyes if you are spending a lot of time in the pool. Salt water pools are designed to have lower chlorine levels to promote greater comfort and safety when using and maintaining your pool. The water may also feel differently to you – and many of those who can feel the difference really enjoy this aspect of owning a salt water pool. In general, chlorine is produced by the salts in the pool only when needed. This can lead to needing less maintenance when compared with traditionally-chlorinated pool water systems.

Though salt water pools are more expensive than traditional pools, here at Greenville Pools, we have set up a system to go as easy on your budget as possible for any pool choice. Call us today for a quote on getting your very own salt water pool and exploring the possibilities that work well with your custom salt water pool selection.